(working title, under contract with Touchstone Press)


Have you ever had an experience so unearthly, so moving, so extraordinary, that you just knew it had to be the Lord? There is no mistaking God's voice in your heart when you feel it -- a whispered word in your ear, the peace within that settles into the heart and trumps all reason, when events were too aligned to be coincidence. That is the Holy Spirit, alive and divine, sending His people a message straight from the Lord. When the Holy Spirit makes His presence known, this sense of knowing is nothing short of miraculous where my thick brain is concerned. (Just ask my husband!) When I began sharing my Holy Spirit interactions with others, many shared theirs with me, testifying how the Lord has worked in their own lives. What a powerful testimony to our Lord, communicating with us through His Holy Spirit!

“Clunk on the Head: How the Holy Spirit Grabbed My Attention” is a completed 36,000-word Christian non-fiction small group study book. Divided into Bible-relevant anecdotes, direct communication from the Holy Spirit is the thrust of each story. I plan to include these powerful stories as part of the anthology when it is accepted for publication, as well as stories from others in my network who have had similar experiences. (Think of it as a Christian Chicken Soup book.) My network includes many established Christian writers, most of whom I have met at Christian writers' conferences over the years. Accompanying each chapter are thought-provoking Bible study questions and exercises for both groups and individuals.

Check back for updates on the publishing process, and to see what other projects I'm working on...