About Soap-O-Therapy

All natural, handmade soaps inspired by coffeehouse menus.

Made with 100% all-natural ingredients and fine saponified oils.

Since 1999


Soaps: $6 each, or 4 for $20
Scrubs: Pumpkin chai scrub is $16. All others are $12.
Beeswax body balms: $7
Beeswax lip balms: $2.50 per tube.

Body Balm Bars (Solid Lotion): $5.50

Proceeds Donated to Cancer Research Charities

Together we can clean the world of cancer and wash it down the drain!  

Goat's Milk Coffeehouse Soaps

Black and White Cookie Soap

Black & White Cookie Soap - Soap-O-Therapy

Enjoy the trendy cookie made famous by Jerry and Elaine. Half the soap is scrubby chocolate. The other half is extra lather-y vanilla goat’s milk, couched in luxury. Use this soap once, and you won't think it's a soap about nothing.  

Chocolate Salted Caramel Soap

Hot Salted Caramel Soap - Soap-O-Therapy

Sugary, swirled, dark chocolatey bliss, with goat milk, caramel, and chocolate together. It's like buttah.  

Goat's Milk Soap, Plain or Lavender

Goat Milk Soap Lavender - Soap-O-Therapy

Rich as butter, goat's milk restores skin's natural pH balance. Known to be effective in combating psoriasis, skin allergies, rashes, and other skin maladies, goat's milk contains over 50 nutrients, minerals, acids, and enzymes that nourish dehydrated skin.  

Goatmeal Soap

Goatmeal Soap - Soap-O-Therapy

Start your morning with a creamy serving of the smooth, warm cereal you grew up with. Made with goat’s milk for a touch of the exotic. Full of curative properties, goat’s milk enhances and beautifies skin.  

Hot Chocolate w/Whipped Cream and Marshmallows Soap

Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow Soap - Soap-O-Therapy

 Not just for the kids. Refined dark Hershey's™ cocoa means soothing, creamy campfire memories in every bubble.  

Tiramisu Soap

Tiramisu Soap - Soap-O-Therapy

A most festive Italian dessert soap just for the holidays. Real cocoa blended with Starbucks ™ grounds, and a layer of goat's milk "ladyfingers" make for a little slice of Nonni's Christmas kitchen. This bar is worth a second helping.  

Other All-Natural Soaps Inspired by Coffeehouse Menus

Beer Soap (A Different Kind of Bar)

Beer Soap - Soap-O-Therapy

Oh-so soft, and rubs on easily. This soap feels smooth and sudsy as it conditions skin. Lather up the morning of your hangover for some of the hair of the dog. 

Boho Herb Soap

Boho Herb Soap - Soap-O-Therapy

Certain coffeehouses have a table or section whose patrons smell less like coffee and more like a Doors concert. Boho Herb is a careful blend of herbs and infused oils. Smell like your favorite beatnik poet at the Coffee-A-Brew-Brew. 

Chai Tea Soap

Chai Tea Soap - Soap-O-Therapy

Mystical and fragrant, smooth and penetrating. Real brewed chai added to this already sensuous and spicy soap makes it extra unbelievable. Composed of indulgent oils and butters, chai soap can stimulate your circulation, invigorate your pores, and warm your body. 

Cucumber Lime Soap

Cucumber Lime Soap - Soap-O-Therapy

Cucumbers are great for tightening skin, especially around the eyes. This soap, made with real cucumber pulp, lathers hard and extra bubbly. 

Green Tea Soap

Green Tea Soap - Soap-O-Therapy

Sumptuous and mysterious, real green tea provides skin-protecting antioxidants and heady, earthy aromas. 

Lemon Square Shampoo Bar Soap

Lemon Square Shampoo Bar Soap - Soap-O-Therapy

A lavish citrus pastry, this refreshing soap is perfect for the kitchen. Made from refined essential oils, lemon square soap is as moisturizing as it is zingy. Also perfect for an everyday shampoo bar that won't get confiscated at customs. 

Peppermint Chocolate After-Coffee Mint Soap

Peppermint Chocolate After-Coffee Mint Soap

This chocolate mint essential oil soap is perfect for invigorating tired feet or penetrating weather-beaten sinuses. 

Pumpkin Roll Soap

Pumpkin Roll Soap - Soap-O-Therapy

A generous slice made with real pumpkin pulp and pumpkin pie spices. Smells like Thanksgiving. Take advantage of pumpkin's natural exfoliating properties while you invigorate and warm your skin. 

Unscented White Chocolate Mocha Soap

Unscented White Chocolate Mocha Soap - Soap-O-Therapy

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Mint Smoothie Acne Soap

Mint Smoothie Acne Soap - Soap-O-Therapy

Made with natural known acne-fighters, this soap won’t dry out your skin. Good for adults, too. The good stuff: aloe vera juice, witch hazel, beeswax, chamomile, slippery elm, red clover tea, comfrey leaves, peppermint EO, tea tree oil, lavender EO. 

All-Natural Coffeehouse Lip Balms & Shaving Cream

Almond Orange Body Balm Bar

Almond Orange Body Balm Bar - Soap-O-Therapy

Solid beeswax lotion is all the buzz! Rub this bar on super-dry trouble spots, like heels and elbows. 

Fruit Lips

Fruit Lips - Soap-O-Therapy

A berry good sealant of beeswax and several lip-smacking oils. Protect your lips with this luscious balm. 

Honey Lemon Balm

Honey Lemon Balm - Soap-O-Therapy

Smooth citrus bliss. A moisturizing salve of beeswax, several fine oils and essential citrus oils. Like honeybees on flowers. 

Long-Lasting Lavender Peppermint Beeswax Lotion

Long-Lasting Lavender Peppermint Beeswax Lotion - Soap-O-Therapy

Beeswax, several fine oils, and essential oils combine to smooth over skin, moistening and penetrating deeply. Great for summertime roughness, winter dryness, and every season in between. 

Poetry Corner Shaving Cream Bar

Poetry Corner Shaving Cream Bar - Soap-O-Therapy, George Kopp

Maintain your semi-Bohemian look with this  natural shaving bar. A nourishing blend of saponified oils and real bentonite clay formula yields a smooth, close shave.  Great gift for him or her with a shaving mug and chic retro brush.

All-Natural Salt & Sugar Body Scrubs

Chocolate Almond Brownie Sugar Scrub

Chocolate Almond Brownie Sugar Scrub - Soap-O-Therapy

A crunchy, munchy mix of dark cocoa, cocoa shells, sweet almond oil, and raw sugar. Calorie-free, skin-moisturizing pleasure. 

Lemonade Sugar Scrub

A lip-smacking citrus treat made with real lemons, pure essential oil, apricot kernel oil, and raw sugar. Tart toner for tightening skin. 

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